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🔰 OC Pages

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Original Characters (also known as OCs) are usually fan-made characters intended for a specific series. In Furria, OCs are characters made and usually intended for the world of Furria.

Original Characters can either be:

  1. Complete representation of people (Personas / Sonas)
    (Mostly antecedents in Furria)
  2. Completely original characters only for use in Furria
  3. Reflection of user's characters originally made outside or made for another series

If you wish to make one of your own original characters for Furria, please take a look at the Typyl Creation Guide to see how.

OC Pages act as the wiki version of having a Typyl Reference Sheet easily accessed by everyone and displayed in the proper wiki format and shared with a friendly URL.

In order to create your own OC page in the wiki, you must be registered and signed in the Furria Wiki.

Benefits of OC Pages

There are advantages and disadvantages of making OC Pages in the wiki versus the Typyl Reference Sheet.
Each benefit are listed as follows:

Pros Cons
OC Pages
  • Already in the wiki
    • Already in the format of the wiki
    • Able to use icons already present in the wiki
    • Links can be easily cross-referenced
  • Easier to verify
  • Can be searched in the wiki
  • Quicker to transfer
  • Friendly share link
  • Only the user and the wiki editors are able to edit the page
  • Less-friendly formatting
  • Requires an external URL to use images unless uploaded by a wiki editor
  • Requires wiki formatting / knowledge
  • Manual preview
Typyl Reference Sheet
  • Easily editable
  • Easier to read
  • User-friendly
  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)
  • Can also be edited by others (provided permission)
  • Can be edited on mobile (though painstakingly tricky to do so)
  • Takes longer to transfer
  • Unfriendly link
  • Links will have to be reassigned
  • Have to import images

Page Creation

To create a page, one must follow the following steps.

  1. Be registered and signed in the Furria Wiki.

  2. Open a new tab to the 👤 OC Home. (So you still have this guide)

  3. Pay attention to the URL in your address bar on that tab.
    Right now it should be

  4. Replace home with your username in the Furria Wiki.
    • Your username can be found below the logo of the wiki on the left sidebar.
    • Example: If your username is “fiakaiera” then the URL should be

  5. Add another slash (/) after then the actual full name of your character, with spaces replaced by underscores, all in lowercase.
  6. If you're properly logged in, you should see a ➕ New button at the top of the page. Press it, then save.
  7. Go back and edit the page, and replace all instances of FIXME with whatever it is represented in the Typyl Guide.
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