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๐Ÿ”ฐ OC Pages

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Original Characters (also known as OCs) are usually fan-made characters intended for a specific series. In Furria, OCs are characters made and usually intended for the world of Furria.

Original Characters can either be:

  1. Complete representation of people (Personas / Sonas)
    (Mostly antecedents in Furria)
  2. Completely original characters only for use in Furria
  3. Reflection of user's characters originally made outside or made for another series

If you wish to make one of your own original characters for Furria, please take a look at the Typyl Creation Guide to see how.

OC Pages act as the wiki version of having a Typyl Reference Sheet easily to accessed by everyone and displayed in the proper wiki format and shared with a friendly URL.

In order to create your own OC page in the wiki, you must be registered and signed in the Furria Wiki.

Benefits of OC Pages

There are advantages and disadvantages of making OC Pages in the wiki versus the Typyl Reference Sheet.
Each benefit are listed as follows:

Pros Cons
OC Pages



Typyl Reference Sheet



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