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Furrial Classes

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Furrial Classes are titles given to individuals once they learn a particular set of skills.

It is possible to suggest a class to be added in the list. However, how to do is not currently known. For a list of unnamed or planned classes, check the Unlisted Furrial Classes list.

Hold of Vanity

Child of Name

A form of vanity specifically to show one's recognition and/or title

[ Base Class ]
Furrial: Early Starter [ rrl ]
Bestowed as a sign to denote that this being is able to learn Furrial Classes. All Typyl starts out with this title automatically.

Furrial >
Typis: Outer-species Authorization [ Tys ]
Given for non-typyl that are able to learn Furrial Classes. All non-typyl are required to have this in their display title at all times.

Sav: Aspected Emissary [ v ]
Represents a specific [[culture:aspect

Sav >
Amsav: Ampersand Emissary [ Amv ]
Harnesses the potential of Sav Ampersands given by the Sav.

Sav >
Oscisav: Aspect Master [ Osv ]
Proved themselves to master an aspect on par with the Sav.

Sav >
Presav: Preceding Savior [ Pv ]
Precedes the Sav, representing an aspect and the ones who are responsible for the [[culture:saviand anomaly

Vas: High Standing [ s ]
Positioned in royalty. Also applies to vassals of high position.

Hold of Ideals

Child of Earth

Basic knowledge of daily use and everday life

[ Base Class ]
Typicco: Early Starter [ Tyc ]
General knowledge of Typyl, what they are and what they can do. A required class for Typyl.

Typicco >
Invitri: Item Storage [ Int ]
Using arcitory and arcpouches for storing items.

Typicco >
Parc: Movement Advances [ rc ]
Using minor sorcia for improvments in movement, such as levitation, boosted dashes and jumps, air dashing, etc.

Typicco >
Recia: Revival [ c ]
Revives another individual on the spot. Also used for emergency revives to themselves when high enough in force.

Inquir: History [ Inqr ]
Dedication to knowing/researching history done through the world.

Inquir >
Archaiv: Historical Records [ Archv ]
Dedication to keeping historical records of media.

Scitia: General Science / Natural Philosophy [ St ]
Dedicated to knowing or researching specific knowledge.
• Requires Asctic > An'ma > :scio: Scio

Scitia >
Aspacia: Aspect Chemistry [ Asc ]
Knowledge of the composition of different aspects and its effects towards the world.
• Requires Acstic > Me'ia

Scitia >
Ecosis: Ecology / Plant Life [ Es ]
Use of sorcia to invest/research life towards to surroundings. • Requires Asctic > Lemtium > :silva: Silva
• Requires Asctic > Lemtium > :solum: Solum
• Requires Asctic > Lemtium > :vita: Vita
• Requires Asctic > Lemtium > :mors: Mors
• Requires Asctic > An'ma > :victus: Victus

Scitia >
Stronomi: Spacial Science [ St ]
Study of astral sciences. • Requires Asctic > Lemtium > :vello: Vello
• Requires Asctic > Lemtium > :aetas: Aetas
• Requires Asctic > An'ma > :autumo: Autumo
• Requires Asctic > An'ma > :imagino: Imagino

Child of Talent

Special knowledge for different concepts of life

Child of Aspect

Knowledge of any aspect and its concepts

[ Base Class ]
Acstic: Aspect Exploration [ Acsc ]
Dedicated to knowing or researching specific knowledge.

Asctic >
Lemtium: Elemental Aspects [ mtm ]
Exploration of any of the elemental aspects.

All elemental aspects are considered as individual sub-classes of Lemtium, which include the following:
:medius: :flamma: :flumine: :aer: :solum: :electrica: :glacies: :caelum: :silva: :lucerna: :nox: :fulgo: :vello: :aetas: :inane: :vita: :mors: :ferro: :vis: :indivisus:

Asctic >
Me'ia: Symbolic Aspects [ ' ]
Exploration of any of the symbolic aspects.

All symbolic aspects are considered as individual sub-classes of Me'ia, which include the following:
:amplius: :minuo: :duplico: :partio: :verto: :serenitas: :alea: :vario: :imitio: :firmus: :spatium: :ambio: :divum: :velox: :visio: :vox: :signum:

Asctic >
An'ma: Spiritual Aspects [ An' ]
Exploration of any of the spiritual aspects.

All spiritual aspects are considered as individual sub-classes of An'ma, which include the following:
:impero: :coacto: :creo: :motio: :aporia: :certus: :reicio: :tueor: :autumo: :imagino: :scio: :victus: :sanitas:
All forbidden aspects are considered as individual sub-classes of Asctic. However, this only explorative knowledge and not pure application of such.
:perdo: :aequum: :sano: :injuria: :sensus: :figura: :anima: :cito: :auctus: :sermo:

[ Base Class ]
Sorcim: General Sorcia Information [ rm ]
General knowledge of Sorcia tacking the basics of what it is and how to use them. A required class for Typyl.

Sorcim >
Aurica: Aura Concentration [  ]
Taps in potential force of the user for further use of sorcia through concentration.

Sorcim > Aurica >
Consens: Aura Condensation [ nns ]
Allows easier methods fusion of aspects.

Sorcim > Aurica >
Givi: Aura Contribution [  ]
Distributes own force to other individuals.

Sorcim > Aurica >
Scatta: Aura Dissipation [ St ]
Decomposes aspects into base aspects and freed into the environment without creating much flux.

Sorcim >
Climis: Basic Protection [ Cs ]
Use of sorcia for basic protection against the environment, such as protection from the rain, overheating, etc.

Sorcim > Climis >
Umi: Underwater Protection [ U ]
Higher knowledge of Climis that allows a Typyl to interact properly underwater, such as moving around and breathing underwater.
• Requires Typicco > Parc

Sorcim >
Telecia: Teleportation [ c ]
Use of sorcia for teleportation.

Sorcim > Telecia
Portia: Mass Teleportation [ rt ]
Higher knowledge of Telecia that covers large distance and mass teleportation.

Hold of Conflict

Child of Vine

Ways of performing close-ranged combat

Child of Thorn

Ways of performing ranged combat

Child of Cast

Ways of performing sorcia for combat

Hold of Creation

Child of Craft

Methods of creating items

Child of Mass

Methods of gathering and trading items

Child of Form

Methods for utility

Altypcia: Type-casting [ Altypc ]
Complex knowledge of knowing how to alter a Typyl's body through type-casting.
• Requires Acstic > Me'ia > :vario: Vario

Au'metal: Augmentation [ 'l ]
Allows the use of body enhancing equipment called augmentals.

Au'metal >
Au'sor: Full-body Augmentation [ 'r ]
Application of augmentals for the whole body.

C'coichi: Decieving Stealth [ C'cc ]
Uses stealth arts practically in any situation that is usually not noticeable out in the open.

Va'aduo: Concept of Time [ 'ad ]
Complex knowledge of using high-leveled sorcia to manipulate time.
• Requires Asctic > Lemtium > Aetas
• Requires Acstic > Me'ia > :duplico: Duplico
• Requires Acstic > Me'ia > :partio: Partio

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