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Elemental Natural Aspect
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:mors: Mors #17


Detriment, Expiry, Passage
Simple Title Decay
Main Category Elemental Aspects
Sub Category Natural Aspects
Primary Color #842a31


Mors is an Elemental Natural Aspect that represents the implications and the phenomena of decay and/or death in Fiagia.

With its high rarity, its Sylv value is rated at 5,000 yl. Aspect Crystals of this type can only be found inside deep generated dungeons and Millennial Puzzles biased towards Mors.

Sorcia made with Mors is often paired with :reicio: Reicio.



Though Mors symbolizes death and decay it's often used for medical purposes, agriculture, status effects and as implementation for other aspects to enhance or nullify detrimental effects. It is also used as an aspect of potion crafting for removing or enhancing status effects found in potions.

Other than :reicio: Reicio, Mors is the main influence for a few Spritual aspects:
:coacto: Coacto, :aporia: Aporia, :victus: Victus and :sanitas: Sanitas.

As Mors is mostly sought out as an aspect crystal, it's high rarity is supported by its capacity, which is six times the capacity of a base aspect crystal.



Sorcia Limitations


Author Notes

  • Mors is not intended to give the effect of instant death. It is recommended to use a more creative way of dealing one-hit wonders than solely abusing Mors.


  • Among all of the aspects, Aetas' location is found at H4 (or the 40th color) in the color chart, responding to a dark red color #842a31.
  • Mors as an aspect previously represents death directly, with its representation shown as “Death, Ending, Age, Despair”. This has been altered to fit its role better, however it is extremely similar to its original concept.






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