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Elemental Natural Aspect
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:medimo: Medimo #01


Standard, Ordinary, Blank, Medium
Simple Title Neutral
Main Category Elemental Aspects
Sub Category Natural Aspects
Presav Sav



Primary Color #92a6a6


Medimo is an Elemental Natural Aspect that points to the concept having no basis in Fiagia, acting as the aspect that symbolizes something that has no unique traits.

Medimo is found to be uncommon through Typyl culture, having most living beings and Fiagia itself attuned to any other Elemental aspect other than Medimo. Medimo also has only two facets than being the default for all aspects when used as sorcia: malleability, and neutralization.

:indivisus: Indivisus is its counterpart and therefore its weak to each other. Even though uncommon, Medimo has its own Sylv denomination of 1. (1 yl)



Medimo is treated as the default aspect for all aspects if there are no aspects that can be found in any object. As such, it's treated as mostly insignificant unlike other aspects. It is mostly used as a transitioning or augmentative aspect to and for other aspects, the aspect making itself act like a container for any other Elemental aspects to occupy and replace Medimo.

Sorcia made with this aspect is malleable enough that it can be easily replaced with any elemental aspect, or have it alongside another aspect.

Though found to be uncommon in objects, its easily found in Sylv but cannot be tampered to have any other aspect due it being only intended to be used as basic currency. It is also designed to be a measure to prevent changing the denomination of sylv entirely since other aspects have other denominations for sylv.

In terms of other aspects, :indivisus: Indivisus is its inverse aspect and therefore is weak to each other.


Being the default aspect, Medimo doesn't really offer any unique traits other than itself being a container for other objects and to be used to transition to other elemental aspects with sorcia. All of the facets of Medimo offers methods to allow other aspects to replace Medimo: malleability, and neutralization.

Since Medimo has to deal with the alteration of elemental aspects, any form of sorcia using Medimo will naturally have a high cost of force, so careful usage is needed.


With Medimo acting as a container for other aspects, it is used to allow other elemental aspects to alter Medimo, allowing it to absorb other aspects, either temporarily or permanently. Only one aspect is received for this facet. If an individual wants to accommodate two or more, more Medimo slots are required for the object.

Should the effect be permanent to allow for another elemental aspect to be applied permanent, the amount of force used will be expensive.


Acting as the inverse of malleability for Medimo, it allows to force other aspects and nullify its effects to whatever hits sorcia cast with Medimo using this facet, either temporarily or permanently.

Permanent neutralization does not work on living beings and ends up being expensive to permanently neutralize an aspect in terms of force costs, similar to the facet of malleability.

Sorcia Limitations

For sorcia being cast, the cost of force is scaled and imposed with the following restrictions: (The higher, the more cost it takes)

Any form of sorcia using Medimo will naturally have a high cost of force, so careful usage is needed.


  • Amount of the aspect taken
  • Chance of success
  • Duration of the effect
    • Permanence


  • Amount of aspects involved
  • Amount of the aspect taken
  • Number of targets / Area of effect
  • Chance of success
    (overall and/or per trait)
  • Duration
    • Permanence


  • Among all of the aspects, Medimo's location is found at I2 (or the 19th color) in the color chart, responding to a “cascade”1) color #92A6A6.
  • Medimo is based on the word “Medium”.
    • Medimo was introduced in the aspect list's first pass, originally named “Suetus”.
      • “Suetus” is the adjective for “Usual” in Latin.
      • This was changed to “Medius”, which is the adjective for “Center” in Latin, due to how vague the term is and is made more recognizable being near the word “Medium”.
      • But was changed again to match Furria's “familiar yet unique” direction in its fourth pass.






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