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Symbolic Level Aspect
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:lucra: Lucra #27


Chance, Luck, Choice, Decision, Coincidence
Simple Title Luck
Main Category Symbolic Aspects
Sub Category Level Aspects
Presav Sav

Karlo Field

Eryb Yvan

Primary Color #19A989


Lucra is one of the Symbolic Level Aspects which represents Fiagia's representation of the concept of luck.

Aspect Mediums of this aspect can be created by chance through the physical use of sorcia made from :inane: Inane against the medium, within the predicted chance of 50% of getting it, with the other being :inane: Inane itself.

Lucra stems from the aspect :inane: Inane, :vello: Vello and :indivisus: Indivisus.



Though Lucra is symbolized by luck, the use of Lucra as an aspect is not by altering or influencing the chances of probability in one's favor directly but only to mainly simulate situations, check accuracy or predict chances. Even though Lucra is used to simulate, it cannot be 100% percent accurate.

As such, it is very useful for research and analysis it is commonly used in technology to predict furture conditions, such as weather patterns or if there is a chance of somewhat or something going unstable if not maintained.

From this, Lucra works to support all surface aspects, :firmus: Firmus, :spatium: Spatium and :ambio: Ambio, and a few of the interactive aspects: :divum: Divum, :velox: Velox and :vox: Vox. It also supports the spritiual aspect :scio: Scio in terms of accuracy and the elemental aspect :caelum: Caelum.

Despite this, it serves mostly as one of the most useless out of all of the aspects, besting :medius: Medius from its lack of usefulness, but mainly to support sorcia of other aspects.


Even though the aspect is based on luck, it's used to simulate the world instead. The aspect relies on either one of the two aspects: :inane: Inane and :vello: Vello in order to simulate or identify the chances of something occuring.


With the use of :vello: Vello and the assistance of another symbolic aspect or :caelum: Caelum, the world around can be simulated to predict the situation of a local area, depending on the symbolic aspect used.

It cannot simulate properly or be simulated on unpredictable actions, such as the sudden change of mind for living beings. If this is used on technology, the amount of force used is cheaper, but it is less efficient on smaller pieces of technology, such as accessories and ends up quite limited in its use.


Through the unpredictability of :inane: Inane, from :scio: Scio, Lucra can give readings on how much of a chance a situation can get.

The chances are not always precise, with being the margin of error a factor on the amount of force used. It's not always known if the probability is correct unless the user has gone through thorough testing conducted on the same situation.

Sorcia Limitations

For sorcia being cast, the cost of force is scaled and imposed with the following restrictions: (The higher, the more cost it takes)


  • Time simulated, exponentially
  • Area simulated
  • Number of factors considered & simulated


  • Duration of probability
  • Area of probability
  • Margin of error, exponentially
    • The lowest limit is 10% margin of error
      • With technology, it can reach 0% margin of error
    • By default it has 25% margin of error
  • Number of outcomes

Author Notes

  • Changing the chances to be highly lucky in certain situations without outside force could be seen as overpowered to some, as if it's altering the fate that is not written in one's favor and end up abusing to change one's luck for the other very commonly. So, Lucra is written to be mostly for simulations than future random chance being predicted.
  • Lucra is commonly blamed upon whenever something does not go into an individual's favor.
    • The phrase “I swear to Lucra…” is a usually a common phrase and a substitute for the phrase “I swear to God…”


  • Among all of the aspects, Aetas' location is found at C1 (or the 3rd color) in the color chart, responding to a teal green color #19a989.






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