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 * **Shadow slash** :nox: :firmus: * **Shadow slash** :nox: :firmus:
   * <fc #FF0000>**2 HP**</fc>, <fc #547cde>**5 FP**</fc> Lv 1 **''[Enemy]''**   * <fc #FF0000>**2 HP**</fc>, <fc #547cde>**5 FP**</fc> Lv 1 **''[Enemy]''**
 +* **Carpe Nox** :nox: :firmus:
 +<fc #547cde>**30 FP**</fc> Lv 1 **''[Enemy]''** - It can be used 3 times, each time uses different attack,
 +1st time use - Swipe blade in order to attack all the enemies in sight, will reduce their DEF and STR for 3 turns
 +2nd time use - Becomes untargettable, Attack 5 enemies in a row, and they become "Marked"
 +3rd time use - Jumps high up and strikes down the "Marked" enemies, if the "Marked" enemies have less than 25% of their hp, they become downstated.
 ===== Relationships ===== ===== Relationships =====
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