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Last Updated: November 2019
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A.“Proelefsi”.Y/Adrian, with the username of adrian.proelefsi.y, is a self-learning multimedia artist who is currently still struggling to get a decent pc to run his tablet. He posts irregularly on twitter.

He owns a wild variety of OCs and plans on making his own series one day.

Currently represented as Zainola Kiyasun in the Furria Series, though Zai's backstory is unrelated to his real life in any means. He explains it as “Himself in an alternative universe”
His self-given middle name “Proelefsi” is the Greek word for “Origin”, which is the main meaning of his native Chinese name.
He never really had an official “sona” at this point, his icon is one of his OCs, named Harrio.


Character Ownerships

Scitia Asctic


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