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Tania Caplin


Character by fiakaiera

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera




Furrrial Display Class
Presav Perdo



Friendly Active
Physique ♀ Female
Hatchday Octea 26th / ♏ Scorpio
Arcana FIXME
Fivs (5)
Fivs (5)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Tania Caplin

Tania Caplin (タニヤ Taniya) is one of the deceased Presav representing the aspect :perdo: Perdo and a participant of the Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound project.

Additional Info

  • Moral Alignment: FIXME
  • 16-P Type: FIXME
  • Average Height Scale: FIXME
  • Handedness: FIXME
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural
    • Aura: #c71585 Red Violet
    • Eye: #ffce90 Orange
    • Pigments:
      • #000000 FIXME
      • #000000 FIXME


Tania is one of the original participants that underwent Antecedence through an incident relating to the Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound project, unwillingly contributing to the Saviand Anomaly.FIXME


As a Human

Tania is always relaxing around and reading books, wandering around the campus from place to place, like she has nothing better to do. Which she does not have anything to do with her life until after her education. She actually does not like this life because she's limited to only her surroundings and wanted to break free. She doesn't show it outside though, as she can be easily conveyed as outgoing and active but have reading as a hobby.

As a Typyl

Unlike her human self, she comes out of her shell of being reluctant and being a lot more happy because she's unrestricted with bounds. She goes around the area to explore new areas with fellow explorers and has a great sense of direction to lead back, as well has the tools for those with a bad sense of direction to lead them back.

More so, she does cartography to have a good map during her explorations.


Tania has gone through a lot of thought before taking the decision because this is a whole new path for her to take than what her parents expected to do, or what she think it is. She was not allowed to go out of her house and school, to the point that she is not allowed to go on field trips. She was not allowed to visit friend's houses but can invite her own.

She gave it a day to think then decides to take it, and her parents knowing this move as well but kept it a secret of her. On the day she leaves, her parents gave Tania a letter and not to open until her arrival.

Once she arrives in the world of Furria, she reads the letter and finds out it's a final goodbye letter and told her everything that her parents their intention: To make her find out and break her shell from what she perceives as her life as not everything is what she always expect.


  • Tania's hatchday is set on the date of when the first Tomb Raider game released.

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