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Ino Palta


Character by fiakaiera

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera




Furrrial Display Class
Presav Coacto



Impish Alert
Physique ♀ Female
Hatchday Janua 4th / ♑ Capricorn
Arcana FIXME
Fivs (5)
Fivs (5)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Ino Palta

Ino Palta is one of the deceased Presav representing the aspect :coacto: Coacto and a participant of the Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound project. She is best friends with HAC participants Kentaro Terre and Issa Colla. She is the grandmother and predecessor of the now Sav Coacto Inoa Palta.

Additional Info

  • Moral Alignment: FIXME
  • 16-P Type: FIXME
  • Average Height Scale: FIXME
  • Handedness: FIXME
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural
    • Aura: #FFC0CB Pink
    • Eye: #ff007f Rose
    • Pigments:
      • #000000 FIXME
      • #000000 FIXME
  • Battle Role: FIXME


Ino is one of the original participants that underwent Antecedence through an incident relating to the Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound project, unwillingly contributing to the Saviand Anomaly.

In the HAC, Ino acts like a fire watch in the compound, making sure that everyone is safe in the premises of the compound, alerting if there are hostile creatures that could possibly attack the compound.


As a Human

Ino is an extremely excitable, quirky and astute person who likes to run around just being silly and recommends the most non-sense but working ways to fix one problem. Despite her showing off as cute and cheerful, she is actually a lot selfish and vain in nature.

In jokes, she plays the comedy of the joke while one his best friends Kentaro Terre acts as a comeback, frequently going to inflict harmful actions against Kentaro in the end than doing light harm. She is also best friends with Issa Colla who ends up getting dragged into some of her jokes but not harming him at all.

As a Typyl

Rather than quirky and astute, she becomes a lot more mischievous in nature that goes under a cute and cheerful facade thanks to her aspect. Despite this, she does respect everyone else and her mischievous nature can go only so far in her own jokes.

Other than just acting than comedy relief, she is more alert as well, acting as a watch guard just in case that hostile creatures come in the boundaries of the compound. One way of which is pulling and dragging the hostile creature itself when they stray inside too far.

Secretly, Ino learned one Sorcia that lets her shoot beams out of her ears and summoning different items that could be useful or harmful to the rest of the HAC participants depending on the situation. Though, it didn't last as a secret because of her mistake not distracting everyone else to distract one person. Ino was the only one known to at least contain magic, despite others knowing how to use Sorcia as well.


Ino was tired of the normal social norms and cycle of life such as school, dealing with jobs, cleaning and chores in which she deems “boring”, despite being a highly sought bureaucrat in society thanks to her parents. In fact, she wanted to just leave her school altogether but cannot due to wanting to complete her education as well.

Then she heard of the HAC, which grants her an opportunity to take on a new spin in her life away from normal education, which is perfect for her as she wants to experience the hardships herself and take it on with her own choices. So, she convinced her parents that this is the perfect opportunity to take a break from education for a vacation.

With her parent's consent, Ino takes a key then decides to drag along her best friend Kentaro along as she doesn't want to experience it herself.




Best Friends:



  • Ino's name, attitude and design is a variation of the Animal Yokochō character Iyo
  • Ino is one of the Presav that maintained their design despite the rest having a total or slight redesign of the character.
  • Ino's name was originally Inoa, which is instead passed on to the Sav Coacto and successor of Ino named Inoa Palta
  • Ino is considered to be one of the few who has the ability to use Sorcia among all of the Presav before their tragic end.


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