It's in development right now, so here's a development video.

From a simple Ludum Dare entry pushed into a full game...

How far will you go without stopping?

In the vast world of Fiagia, Idle, a treasure hunter searching for riches, sought out a treasure from his late father he hinted for them.

Little did they know it's a dimension of challenge set out for them.

What is Fia.Revolve?

Fia.Revolve is an action-platform video game that harkens back to the "jump and shoot" mechanics of the early days and giving them a twist.

The game revolves around the story of Idle, who found their father's treasure, a magical pistol that has a catch:

  • The more bullets it has, the more powerful its holder gets; and yet...
  • The more bullets it has, the slower and fragile its holder gets.
After finding this "gift", Idle finds themselves trapped in a dimension filled with challenges laid out for Idle, who is eager to complete.

So do you have anything to show?

Nope. Not yet. We're still in active development. Right now, you could either:

Stay tuned for the demo!